Wildlife Camera @ComptonVerney

Wildlife Camera @ComptonVerney

Did we mention how proud we are of the wildlife at Compton Verney? Naturally, with any size plot, there is always space to nurture and enjoy wildlife, but with our larger than average area we have lots more opportunity. We’ve well kept and tidy areas, along with wilder and less intensively managed spaces, woodlands and a large lake for example.

We’ve been fortunate over the last few weeks to have had opportunity to record some of our wildlife for the first time using a custom designed trail camera. We are indebted to Warwickshire Wildlife Trust for their guidance and for making this a reality. I for one couldn’t wait to get into work each day to review footage! As time is short, I won’t at this stage add to much text, but will leave you to enjoy a few images of the wilder side of Compton Verney – enjoy!


A squirrel no less, popping down to chat with his neighbours! (C) Compton Verney


A few of these about at the moment, just perfect for Easter! (C) Compton Verney


Our best badger photo, showing three little beauties from one set. (C) Compton Verney

And finally, as if that wasn’t enough, a 45 second video clip showing one badger taking the night air – it is finally great to see a Compton Verney badger in action! We’ve returned our loan camera now, but are hoping to acquire one of our own at some stage to capture much more of our varied wildlife – if you’d like to help with this acquisition we’d love to hear from you!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIU50SRrB8o]