Compton Verney Park

Our Park is rich in history and has a multitude of activities for you to enjoy and explore throughout the year whatever the weather.

The Park at Compton Verney that you see today is the result of an 11-year restoration project that is still ongoing to restore the landscape to the one that Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown designed in 1768.

Top 10 things to do in the Park

  1. Spot bird and wildlife on a nature trail around the ‘Capability’ Brown paths
  2. Visit the newly planted Labyrinth
  3. See baby birds on the lake from our bird hide
  4. Explore The Clearing, on the shores of the lake
  5. Have fun in our Forest School and outdoor activities every Thursday
  6. Take a moment to unwind and enjoy the bird song
  7. Discover new horizons with our orienteering courses
  8. Go on a tour and learn all about the Park
  9. Get fit with a jog, walk or Tai Chi session in the Park
  10. Spend the afternoon cloud gazing
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Silent Space – peaceful time in green spaces

Available all year in our opening hours.

From 2019, a grassy clearing in Compton Verney’s historic Ice House Coppice has been labelled as Silent Space. The space, an oasis of tranquillity, offers shelter, filtered sunlight, and apart from visitors passing on the nearby footpath, or a distant passing car; remains a space that is peaceful and serene. The space is bordered by mature oak trees, a towering Wellingtonia and establishing Indian Bean Tree, and tucked away in shrubbery hollows are habitat piles and a range of bird and bat boxes. Ornamental planting has been returning to this area for some time, and will continue to develop as this area finds a new use in the form of Silent Space.

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The flora, fauna and Capability Brown design of the Park at Compton Verney are great for wildlife. We are actively using these habitats to encourage biodiversity throughout the Park.

Woodland and the stunning parkland trees are home to a wide variety of birds, bugs and bats. Our bird hide, Forest Schools and Children’s discovery packs are just some of the way you can find out more about them.

The lake is rich with pondlife. Frogs, dragonflies, water boatmen and fish are just some of the creatures you can find here. Go along to the Wilderness Area and have a go at pond dipping and see what you can discover.

Grassland such as the Old Town Meadow offers an ideal habitat for wildflowers and all kinds of butterflies during the summer months. Take a walk around the mown pathways here to explore and see some stunning views across the whole of the Park. Tweet us a picture of the flowers you find.

Parkland architecture like the Ice House is a great hang out space for bats. The Upper Bridge is often a resting place for dragonflies to warm up in the sun. The shadow of the bridge also offers a hiding place for small fish away from the eagle eyes of the Heron as he passes over.

West Lawn Cedar DJ 2008

Whether it’s been a while since you gave yourself a proper break, or you’re in need of a change of scenery, getting outdoors is a great way to reinvigorate the mind and body.

Get yourself to Compton Verney and out in our wonderful parkland to experience a range of activities to improve your well-being which are interesting, inspiring and sociable.

A Great Day Out at Compton Verney June 2015 (44)

  • Get outside with your children, play games, explore or take them to the woodland play area
  • Volunteering to help the grounds team
  • Go for a long walk around the Old Town Meadow
  • From August 2016 use our orienteering routes

A Great Day Out at Compton Verney June 2015 (61)

  • Take a Park tour with a member of our Grounds Team
  • Go pond dipping and see what you can find
  • Try out our new bird hide and watch the wildlife


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