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The ‘Mindful’ Art of Tea Drinking: Talk & Tasting

Wed 17 Jul and Wed 4 Sep, 2.30pm - 4pm

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Tea drinking as an elite ‘awareness’ experience was spread across China by Buddhist monasteries and taken up by painters and poets, with its use later spreading to Japan and its intellectual and warrior classes.

By the eighteenth century, Georgian Britain had adopted the elegant Chinese social ritual. East Asian-scholar Bruce Ginsberg began his Zen training in the monastery Daitokuji, where the tea ceremony originated 500 years ago. Join him in sampling a selection of rare, handmade teas as he reveals the philosophy of ancient tea culture and its relevance to painters, poets, musicians and garden makers. Chaired by Georgia Ginsberg.

£20 per person. Please note you will also need a valid Membership, Annual Pass or Day Ticket.

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