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Photography Workshops with Kate Green

Wed 17 Nov, 10.30am - 1.30pm

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An introduction to Macro and Long Exposure Photography

Wed 17 Nov, 10.30am – 1.30pm

Spend a fun and relaxed afternoon with Professional Photographer Kate Green learning about Macro and Long Exposure photography. During the workshop you will also have the opportunity to explore some of the grounds and collections here at Compton Verney and improve your photography skills along the way. The session will include:

1.  A practical introduction to macro/close up photography and tips on buying basic, affordable kit for you to practice at home.

2. Understanding your camera settings and equipment set up and a practical session taking Macro photographs.

3. An introduction to Long Exposure photography and tips on buying basic affordable kit for you to practice at home.

4. Understanding camera settings and equipment set up and a practical session taking Long Exposure photographs.

This workshop is aimed photographers that have a camera with manual settings where aperture and shutter speed can be adjusted. Smart phone photographers are welcome but you may not be able to achieve some of the shots on the day. You will still be able to participate and Kate is happy for you to have a go with her camera. It is recommended you bring a tripod and if you have a macro lens and close up filters then please bring them along.

£50 per person

About the Photographer- Kate Green

Kate is Birmingham based Photographer and Film Maker working in the Commercial, Social and Education sectors. After a successful career in marketing and project management she started her own photography business, kategreenphotog.com in 2006 expanding into film making in 2010.

Her average week can range from product advertising and marketing promotional shoots, events, weddings, head-shot/portraits and documentary film or photography. However, her true passion is participatory photography and film making helping other people to shoot, share and learn and to realise their own creativity. Kate loves photographing people and hearing their stories but it’s that special moment when she sees the pride in people’s faces at what they have created and the joy they get from learning new things that makes kate appreciate how lucky she is to do the work that she loves.

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