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On Colour

Summer Exhibition


This summer, Compton Verney will be brimming with colour.

We’re delving into the fascinating subject of colour theory, with a spotlight on the colour wheel. Which colours complement each other? What ‘rules’ of colour can be broken? Can the colour diagram be an art form in itself?

The first important texts on colour theory were published in the fifteenth century, but in Isaac Newton’s 1704 Opticks a more distinct and structured notion of it emerged. Since then, colour theories have evolved, and countless artists have responded to them. Artists have developed their own theories, diagrams and wheels to explain how colours might work. Colour theory is a source of inspiration and a starting point for rebellion.

We are pleased to be working with artist David Batchelor who, for the first time, will be recreating a representation of his studio in the exhibition.

The exhibition is co-curated by Professor Paul Smith in partnership with the University of Warwick.

Featured image: David Batchelor’s Magic Hour, 2004-07, Courtesy of the artist and Ingleby Gallery. Photo by Marcus Leith

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