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Ariel Schlesinger: Ways to say Goodbye

Tue 22 Oct - Sep 2020

“The work of Ariel Schlesinger is remarkable. It makes us notice. It stops our steps, silences our speech, seizes our eyes”. Robert Ginsberg

A newly commissioned sculpture in the park by Ariel Schlesinger reaches skywards, challenging our perception of the ordinary and highlighting the relationship between humans and nature. Cast in aluminium, with shattered mirrors nestled in its upper branches, Schlesinger’s tree invites us to explore the unique and remarkable qualities in the everyday.

Just as our original landscape architect, Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, constructed a seemingly natural landscape, so Schlesinger’s sculpture takes on a form that is at once both recognisable, and yet so much more.

Courtesy Ariel Schlesinger & Galleria Massimo Minini Ph. Gilberti Petro

Due to an archaeological discovery on site, the installation of the sculpture has been delayed and will now be open to the public on Tue 22 Oct.
Click here to read more about what was found.

Half Term Activity

Invent, Create, Destroy, Rebuild

Tue 29 Oct – Sun 3 Nov, 11am – 4pm

Ariel Schlesinger, the artist who created Ways to Say Goodbye, has set you a challenge; to see the familiar in a new, extraordinary light.
Our world is full of objects. As kids we learn to make sense of what they are and what they do. Some are funny like hats and socks; some are dangerous like kettles and cars. Adults teach us how to use the things properly, but following the rules can be quite boring. Try to forget how you’re supposed to use things, and instead find new and exciting uses for them. Join in with games and activities designed to challenge your creativity and what it means to be an artist. The only limit is your imagination.