The Dan Pearson & William Morris Meadow

I’m thrilled to bring you news of a new project that could have far-reaching benefits for the grounds and environment at Compton Verney. Landscape and garden designer Dan Pearson is to work with Compton Verney in connection with an exhibition titled ‘The Arts & Crafts House: Then and Now‘ (27 June – 13 September 2015).

The project has been taken under the wing of Art Fund, who aims to encourage people to fund this and other commissions through a new wave of giving called crowd-funding. We hope to raise £15,000 for the new commission, which will consist of a mown parterre (a formally patterned flower garden) based on the designs of William Morris, which will be set within a wild flower meadow on our West lawn to tie in with our summer 2015 Arts and Crafts House exhibition.


West Lawn at Compton Verney, Autumn 2013. (c) Compton Verney / Gary Webb

Naturally, wild flowers added as part of the project will continue to live on long beyond the exhibition, and will continue to be of use to our honey bees that live around the perimeter of the lawn. Initial plans are to increase the present surface area of wild flora, to maximise the space available.


Dan Pearson William Morris Meadow

If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating project, then please follow the link to more information and a short video introduction – The Dan Pearson and William Morris Meadow.


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