The Wilder Side of Compton Verney

As you may know, the park and wider landscape at Compton Verney, as well as being a designed landscape, features many different ecological habitats that are very attractive to wild flowers and creatures. Whilst we naturally manage the venue for its landscape garden qualities, we are also therefore, very much aware of its ecological importance, and we always aim to manage the landscape accordingly. I would even go as far as saying that most of our landscape management regime is based around its wild flora or fauna requirements, as opposed to managing the landscape purely for ornamental reasons. Understanding this, and that around half of the grounds volunteer team have roles devoted to wildlife or habitat recording or management, it wasn’t going to be long before we were ready to stage an event dedicated to The Wilder Side of Compton Verney! Indeed we watched with pride recently whilst our assembled team of naturalists and wildlife champions engaged visitors with the wonderful flora and fauna of Compton Verney and the local area.             Throughout the day a range of displays and activities were assembled to share information on badgers, fungi, moths, trees and wild flowers, along with bees, hedgehogs, birds […]


Bee Keeping at Compton Verney – 27.8.18

There are many times in each year when we reach a milestone, and the honey harvest is certainly one of our favourites. As such, and knowing how many honey bee supporters there are out there, Rod Oates has prepared a short report about the year he’s experienced as volunteer bee keeper at Compton Verney: The long hard winter was a real challenge for bees generally but we were fortunate that against the odds all three colonies survived, though it was not until early April that the bees became active. However the weather in late April and May was quite reasonable and all three colonies expanded their population and produced a decent amount of honey.


Big Sunday, this Sunday at Compton Verney

Interested in the traditional crafts such as thatching, brick making and stone masonry? Maybe hand crafting things from easily found timber, or wood turning and weaving to create chairs for example? #CVGrounds

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