The Lost Words – Curators Blog

The Lost Words – Curators Blog

Books to inspire you to be a nature lover

Working with Jackie Morris and Robert Macfarlane The Lost Words exhibition will include miniature libraries of books which have inspired them and we hope future generations to take imaginary and real journeys into the natural world.


The Lost Words Spell Walks

Our Spell Walks posts are going into the grounds as we prepare for The Lost Words Spell Walks which will take visitors to the exhibition on a journey of words and images with nature spotting on the way.




The Lost Words Letterpress

The first letterpress prints for The Lost Words have been rolling off the press today. Each of Robert Macfarlane’s Spells are being set and printed by Nomad Letterpress at the Whittington Press in Gloucestershire. They are being printed in a Caslon font on beautiful 100% cotton hot-pressed paper with each of the titles picked out in gold to match Jackie Morris’s iridescent watercolour and gold leaf paintings.













The Lost Words Wallpaper

We’re excited to see The Lost Words wallpapers going up today! Imagine stepping into a book and seeing a world without oak trees or a wood without bluebells…