Heritage Open Day Tours

Just a quick peek at the landscape view we were enjoying as part of our Heritage Open Days East Park Tours these past two days. This brings to a close Compton Verney’s involvement in HODs for this year, but I know there are many other venues available this weekend so please check the Heritage Open Days website where you’ll be able to search on locations near to you.

Compton Verney will of course be open as usual, and there’s still time to see the current exhibition – Turner and Constable: Sketching from nature.

Compton Verney Landscape

View from the East Park at Compton Verney, looking north. Gary Webb, Compton Verney 2013

Tomorrow I’ll be away visiting other Heritage Open Day events, picking up tips and inspiration. Many thanks to all who showed interest and gave encouragement for our tours; I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope to return with more next year.