Forest School Changes FAQs

Those familiar with our Forest School will notice some changes have been made over winter. Due to the popularity of the programmes and the impact of over 2000 little feet, some much needed renovation and woodland management was needed.


Why did we have to change the Forest School?

Essential work needed to be carried out on the vegetation in the surrounding areas to remove trees that were coming to the end of their natural life-span and at risk of falling, and to remove non-native species to protect and allow the 19th century Wellingtonia Avenue to flourish. We have already begun a replanting scheme to maintain and enhance the natural wildlife habitats.

Who has been involved in the plans?

All the work has been carefully planned and undertaken with the approval and recommendations from Stratford District Council, Historic England, Middlemarch (part of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust) and Warwickshire Archaeology. The project has been financed with generous support from Arts Council England.

What has changed at the Forest School?

The site has been moved further into the woodland, and you’ll notice improvements such as the creation of new shelters to protect us from the elements, and greater facilities and storage areas. While it may look a bit bare at the moment, we will be planting plenty of new trees, though these will take time to grow to resemble their predecessors.

Is everything finished now?

The majority of the work has taken place during our annual winter closure between December and March, in order to minimise disruption to the public and reduce the impact on the visitor experience. We need to wait until the weather is suitable to undertake some of the new planting, and we have plans to get Forest School participants to help shape the future of the site.


We are excited to share this next stage in the evolution of our Outdoor Learning offer, creating more exciting experiences for our visitors for years to come.




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