Flutter-by Butterfly Count


I popped out for a quick walk around the west lawn at Compton Verney this morning to make a start on our butterfly recording for the big butterfly count. Aside from a wide-brimmed hat and catch net (are these still in use?) I simply wandered with my clipboard and camera – although catching good images would be easier with a zoom lens I think, for every time I got near enough – off they would flutter! 


(c) Compton Verney

A modest start you could say, with five butterflies spotted, although there were many more fluttering about, rarely stopping for a clear identification opportunity. Of course, the butterfly count is set up to run through to the 10th of August, so we shall have other opportunities to record some more species.


(c) Compton Verney


The Big Butterfly Count was launched in 2010 with 46,000 people getting involved last year, recording 830,000 individual butterflies and day-flying moths. It takes a few moments to download a handy identification chart, although a good spotter guide would also be useful. The field recording takes but fifteen minutes, and the opportunity really does bring these amazing creatures into focus. Whether you get involved during your lunch-break, an evening walk, or on a trip out, it really is engaging and enjoyable.


(c) Compton Verney

If our identifications are correct, we have spotted:

We know of others that have been seen recently, but we’re sticking to the rules and only ticking off those we see as part of the count. We’ll post again if we happen across any new species! Do check out the link below if you’d like to get involved – whether at Compton Verney or elsewhere, as all results in-putted help to build a picture of butterfly health across the country.

big butterfly count

Good luck!