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COLLECTION: British Portraits

Jean-Etienne Liotard 1702- 1789

Lady Fawkener

Pastel on vellum, About 1760

Sir Joshua Reynolds 1723-92

Mrs Baldwin in Eastern Dress

Oil on canvas, 1792

After Hans Holbein the Younger About 1497–1543

King Henry VIII

Oil on wood panel, About 1560

Marcus Gheeraerts 1561/2-1636

A Boy aged Two

Oil on wood panel, 1608


Queen Elizabeth I

Oil on wood panel, About 1590

Hans Holbein the Younger

Edward, Prince of Wales, later Edward VI

Oil on wood panel, About 1542

Lemuel Francis Abbott 1760-1802

Horatio, Admiral Nelson, KB

Oil on canvas, 1797

Samuel Cooper

Oliver Cromwell

Watercolour on vellum, 1657

Marcus Gheeraerts 1561/2-1636

Frances Howard, Duchess of Richmond and Lennox (1578–1639)

Oil on wood panel, About 1621

William Scrots Active 1537-53

King Edward VI

Oil on panel, About 1550

Sir Thomas Knyvet about 1539–1617

Sir Thomas Knyvet

Oil on wood panel, About 1565

Sir William Beechey R.A

Mirza Abu’l Hassan Khan

Oil on canvas, 1809-10