Compton Verney Tree Climbing 2015

Come and climb a great big tree!!

Last year we welcomed The Great Big Tree Climbing Company to Compton Verney which received much interest and support. We’re glad therefore to welcome the team back again this year for more tree climbing sessions in our stately London Plane tree.


Intrigued? The company information describes the activity as follows:

Two highly skilled and friendly instructors can help all ages reach new heights in a fantastic tree in picturesque parkland. They will teach you how to enter a tree canopy using ropes, knots and karabiners, whilst being securely attached in a harness at all times. Once at the top of the tree you will gain an experience which can’t be found on the ground, with plenty of time to look around or complete a branch walk before being lowered to the ground. Each session runs for between 8 and 10 people (dependent on the tree that we are using), creating a unique and intimate experience.

The sessions can be enjoyed from age 6 upwards, and must be booked direct with the Great Big Tree Climbing Company direct, not through Compton VerneyEnquiries and booking through the following link:

Compton Verney, Warwickshire, Tree Climbing 2015