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Wood, painted, Mid 1800s


Trapani Casket

Coral and mother-of-pearl inlay, c1700-50


Bench-style stools

Wood canal-ware

Pierre-Jacques Volaire

Vesuvius Erupting at Night

Oil on canvas

Master of the Schwabach Altarpiece Active 1505-1508

Christ Taking Leave of His Mother

Oil and gold on limewood panel, 1506

Gunner Baldie


Wool and silk, 1875-1880


Two-sided chariot fitting

Bronze , Late Shang or Early Western Zhou dynasty (about 1500- 1050 BC or about 1050-771 BC)


4 Horn Beakers

Horn, 1800-1850

J Miles

A Suprising Incident

Oil on canvas, About 1811-1850

Lemuel Francis Abbott 1760-1802

Horatio, Admiral Nelson, KB

Oil on canvas, 1797

Ambrosius Benson About 1495-1550

The Virgin and Child

Oil on panel, About 1518-50


Ritual wine vessel

Bronze, 770-475 BC

Francesco Solimena 1657- 1747

Portrait of a Foreign Diplomat: Francesco Solimena

Oil on canvas, About 1730-32

Eric Ravilious

Alphabet nursery-ware mugs

Wedgwood transfer-printed cream earthenware, 1937

Lucas Cranach the Elder 1472-1553

Lot and His Daughters

Oil on panel, About 1530

Bernardo Cavillino 1616-56

The Flight into Egypt

Oil on canvas, About 1640-50


Bow-shaped object

Bronze , Late Shang or Early Western Zhou dynasty (about 1500- 1050 BC or about 1050-771 BC)

Enid Marx

Winter Flowers

Oil on canvas, About 1950–1955

Pietro Fabris

Peasants Merry-making on the Shore at Posillipo

Oil on canvas, 1777


Padlock Trade Sign

Wood, copper and iron, 1800-1900

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