Bird Ringing, BBQ & Breakfast…

A quick post today after receipt of some images from Alwyn, our resident bird spotter.

As part of an outreach project we recently welcomed a group of youngsters to site who were immersed in Compton Verney life for a twenty-four hour period – amongst other things this included a camping experience and bird ringing exercise led by Dr Andrew Gosler, university research lecturer in ornithology and conservation at Oxford University.


Dr Andrew Gosler leading the bird ringing activity at Compton Verney. © Alwyn Knapton 2015

Typically, after a long drought period the weather changed and rain heavily hampered the exercise with birds staying tucked up in the dry rather than venture near the catch nets. However, one or two of the students did manage to hold and release the birds which is a rare treat in itself. The first evening gave another opportunity for Compton Verney to host a Forest School session which included a BBQ in the poplar plantation. A great experience was enjoyed by all , especially as the activity was followed by a hearty breakfast served in the cafe!

To bring this post to an early end I have one more lovely image to share as supplied by Alwyn showing one of the great crested grebes on the lake, complete with fledged chicks, four in total and all looking healthy. They are amazing to watch as they dive beneath the surface in search of food, and we’re lucky to have two nesting pairs on the middle and upper pool.


Grebe’s at Compton Verney, © Alwyn Knapton 2015

Naturally there’s much more happening but as usual at this time of year – there aren’t many spare moments to sit and write about it! I’ll be posting again soon however about west lawn meadow progress, garden restoration and Re-viewing the Landscape activity which is fascinating and all very involved!

Regards, Gary Webb

Head of Landscape & Gardens at Compton Verney