An interview with our Gallery Interpreters

Emma has been a Gallery Interpreter for five years now. She loves sharing her enthusiasm for art and design. She has a real knack for interpreting things in a simple, enlightening and entertaining way during my tours.

We are delighted that Emma has answered some questions on her role as a Gallery Interpreter…

What has been your favourite exhibition at Compton Verney?

My favourite exhibition was Moore and Rodin in 2014. Wandering around the stunning sculptures set in Compton Verney’s beautiful grounds, on a sunny afternoon, was my idea of perfection.

What forthcoming exhibitions at Compton Verney are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to ‘Painting Childhood’ and ‘Childhood Now’ next Spring. I have a strong recollection of coming to Compton Verney as a visitor for the first time to see the Peter Greenaway exhibition.

I was heavily pregnant with my daughter, who is now 13 years old. I remember walking up the glass ramp, looking over my bump to see people milling around below. I thought ‘what a wonderful place Compton Verney was’; and how lucky I was to have this place on the doorstep.

So an exhibition about children – a subject which has dominated my life for the last decade or more – sounds intriguing.

It is wonderful to see grandparents and grandchildren coming around the gallery together. This pair of exhibitions should have a wide appeal: to young and old alike.

A bit of fun – name three artists you would invite to dinner

I would love to host a dinner party for my favourite artists Frida Kahlo and Louise Bourgeois. We would have a pretty raucous evening. Another guest would be Jane Maltass (the subject of the painting ‘Mrs Baldwin’ in our British Portraits Gallery). It would be great to find out more about her life, and her experience of posing for the artist Joshua Reynolds.

What sends you home happy after a day at Compton Verney?

Walking down the drive and over the Adam Bridge; savouring the landscape; and glimpsing wildlife. It’s always uplifting.


You can catch Emma or any of our Gallery Interpreters on one of our Collection or Exhibition tours.