An interview with our Gallery Interpreters

An interview with our Gallery Interpreters

Liz has been a Gallery Interpreter at Compton Verney for four years now. The best part of the job for her is bringing exhibitions to life for her audience, which she does extremely well!

We are delighted that Liz has answered some questions on her role as a Gallery Interpreter…

What is your favourite collection?

Definitely British Folk Art, there’s just something for everyone: charming, cheering, amusing and captivating all!

What has been your favourite exhibition at Compton Verney?

This is a difficult question! Every exhibition is my favourite! If I was forced to choose it would be Ravilious and Co. It celebrated the wonderful work of this group of artists, linking their lives, shared interests and experiences in a truly world class exhibition.

What forthcoming exhibitions at Compton Verney are you most looking forward to?

Tea!  The kettle is always on at our house and I want to learn more about my addiction of choice.

A bit of fun – name three artists you would invite to dinner

I’m going for an all-girl guest list. Tirzah Garwood and Enid Marx would have lots to chat about.  Artemisia Gentileschi could join them and we could discuss why women are still under represented in the art world.

3 words that describe a typical day at Compton Verney?

Uplifting, stimulating, companionable.


You can catch Liz or any of our Gallery Interpreters on one of our Collection or Exhibition tours.