As part of the preparation for our 20 years celebrations, our Chinese Bronzes and Women’s Library collections will be closed from Monday 26 February, reopening with the rest of our new season on Thursday 21 March.

An interview with our Gallery Interpreters

An interview with our Gallery Interpreters

Christine has been a Gallery Interpreter for 10 years now. Combining three of her special interests: history, art and acquiring knowledge – it’s a great place for Christine to share her passion and enthusiasm.

We are delighted that Christine has answered some questions on her role as a Gallery Interpreter…

Best part/most challenging part of the job?

One of the best parts is leading the tours, welcoming groups and giving talks. It is exciting and rewarding to research and acquire more information about all the exhibitions and add to my knowledge. It is a challenge and a joy!

What is your favourite collection?

My favourite gallery is Northern European. I love religious art, especially Dutch and German and I have been involved for 10 years now in research on one of the paintings, which has been very exciting, and rewarding.

What has been your favourite exhibition at Compton Verney?

My two favourite exhibitions were The Periodic Table and Seurat to Riley.  The Periodic Table was my introduction to science, and boy, was that a challenge, but I rose to it! Seurat to Riley was my introduction into modern art, and again, another new world. Compton Verney is a great place to widen ones horizons.

What forthcoming exhibitions at Compton Verney are you most looking forward to?

I always look forward to the next exhibition to learn something new and exciting.  I’m really enjoying Whistler and Nature!

A bit of fun – name three artists you would invite to dinner

Francis Bacon, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Tracey Emin. I’d prefer to be painted by Caravaggio!

What sends you home happy after a day at CV?

Having worked with a team of DMs, GAs and GIs , with an extensive age range, who are supportive, friendly and encouraging, ending with walking through the beautiful park. I feel very fortunate to work with a group of people with diverse backgrounds, who have enjoyed wide-ranging experiences , are multi-talented and are very happy to share all they know with each other.  All of us can offer something to each other. It creates a rich mix, and can only be of great advantageous to Compton Verney.

3 words that describe a typical day at Compton Verney?

Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!!


You can catch Christine or any of our Gallery Interpreters on one of our Collection or Exhibition tours.