An Autumn Stroll

The stroll into work takes many forms, and staff and volunteers at Compton Verney are most definitely spoiled. Walking as our visitors do along the paths and drives that lead from the car park to the gallery can be a mixed blessing, and there are the odd days when it can be a little too fresh so to speak. However, every now and then, and for many different reasons, we get witness things that make that walk memorable and very special.

Adam Bridge at Compton Verney. © Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2015

This very morning, with temperatures hovering around three degrees I walked towards the Adam Bridge with a colleague. With clear blue skies above and a heavy mist clothing the slopes of the valley, our chat was suddenly broken by a foraging squirrel that jumped up dramatically onto a parkland tree guard. This sparked a discussion about photography, which is never far from my mind, but before long we crested the bridge to witness the mist dancing across the top of the extensive middle pool. Again we paused to take in the view.

Misty sunrise at Compton Verney. © Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2015

Just a little further on, we rounded the bend of the old carriage drive with the impressive Cedar of Lebanon to our left, our intention to make the final approach to the gallery. Glancing over our shoulders we were again stopped in our tracks, both reaching for mobile phone cameras to capture the view!

The misty landscape of Compton Verney. © Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2015
The misty landscape of Compton Verney. © Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2015

Well, the results are here to see. What a special weather pattern we’re enjoying just now, which is nurturing a steady and beautiful move towards winter. With a light touch of ground frost and autumnal colours moving on, there’s ample material to delight the eye (and lense) at Compton Verney. I for one certainly don’t take that walk for granted and only wish I could make it last an hour!

Sparkling box topiary at Compton Verney. © Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2015

If you capture an image during a visit, and are of a mind to share it with us, we’d be very happy to share it with our supporters. Simply tweet to @ComptonVerney , find us on Instagram with the address @compton_verney or even via the Compton Verney Grounds flickr group:

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