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Cocoon-shaped vessel, hu

Painted pottery, Western Han dynasty (202 BC- AD 9)

Isaac Nash

Rick Knife

Wrought iron and wood, About 1900


Pair of chariot wheel linchpins

Bronze, Early Western Zhou dynasty (about 1050-771 BC)


Hand-decorated Easter eggs

Blown white eggs, hand-decorated

Pietro Fabris

Naples from the West, with Peasants Gaming

Oil on canvas, about 1760

Bernardo Cavillino 1616-56

The Flight into Egypt

Oil on canvas, About 1640-50

After Hans Holbein the Younger About 1497–1543

King Henry VIII

Oil on wood panel, About 1560

Martin Schongauer About 1445-91

The Virgin and Child Crowned by Angels

Oil on softwood panel, About 1470-75


Ritual wine vessel, jia

Bronze, Shang dynasty (c.1500-1050 BC)


Ritual wine vessel, you

Bronze, Late Shang or early Western Zhou dynasty, c.1100-1000 BC

Enid Marx

R for Rhino (from Marco’s Animal Alphabet)

Original linocut on paper, 1979


Tom Sayers, Prize Fighter

Oil on panel, About 1840

Giuseppe Bonito 1707-1789

The Music Lesson

Oil on canvas, About 1742

Pietro Fabris

The Temple of Hera at Paestum

Oil on canvas, Late 1770s

Gunner Baldie


Wool and silk, 1875-1880

Pietro Fabris

The Bay of Naples from Posillipo

Oil on canvas, About 1770


Wine Vessel and cover, fangjia

Bronze, Late Shang Dynasty (about 1550-1050 BC)


White Villas

Oil on board, About 1880