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Girl with Cherries

Oil on canvas, About 1820

William Scrots Active 1537-53

King Edward VI

Oil on panel, About 1550

Forte, Luca

Still Life with Apples, Grapes and a Dragonfly

Oil on copper, About 1658

Bernardo Cavillino 1616-56

The Flight into Egypt

Oil on canvas, About 1640-50

George Smart

The Earth Stopper

Mixed media (patchwork and watercolour), 1840

Enid Marx

Winter Flowers

Oil on canvas, About 1950–1955


Death Portrait: North Netherlandish School

Oil on oak panel, About 1530


Silver and copper-inlaid bronze wine vessel, hu

Bronze, Eastern Zhou dynasty, Warring States period (475-221 BC)


A Pair of Pigs

Oil on canvas, About 1850

Lucas Cranach the Elder 1472- 1553

Venus and Cupid

Oil on beechwood panel, About 1525

Giovanni Battista Recco about 1615-1660

Still Life with Apples, Cabbage, Parsnip and Lettuce

Oil on canvas, About 1615- 60


Kirkdale Cave

Watercolour, About 1824


Man with Pipe Weathervane

Metal, 1800s


White Villas

Oil on board, About 1880

Pietro Fabris

The Bay of Naples from Posillipo

Oil on canvas, About 1770


Ritual food vessel, gui

Bronze, Late Shang dynasty (about 1700-1050 BC), about 1100 BC

Enid Marx

R for Rhino (from Marco’s Animal Alphabet)

Original linocut on paper, 1979


Chestnut Roaster

Iron and wood, 1850-1900