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Sir William Beechey R.A

Mirza Abu’l Hassan Khan

Oil on canvas, 1809-10


Green-Painted Solid Seat Turner’s Chair

Painted wood, About 1800s

Lucas Cranach the Elder 1472- 1553

Venus and Cupid

Oil on beechwood panel, About 1525


The Indefatigable

Oil on canvas, After 1796


Victorian text plaques

Lustre and transfer-printed earthenware, About 1837-1901

Pieter Huys About 1519-1584

The Descent Into Limbo

Oil on Panel, 1547-1577


Goldsheet-applied mirror

Bronze, Tang dynasty (AD 618-906)


Saint Christopher carrying the Infant Christ Child

Oil on wood panel, About 1519-27


Straw models or Corn dollies

Woven straw and corn, ribbon, crepe paper and wool

Francesco Solimena 1657- 1747

Portrait of a Foreign Diplomat: Francesco Solimena

Oil on canvas, About 1730-32

J Miles

A Suprising Incident

Oil on canvas, About 1811-1850

Enid Marx


Two-colour wood block print on paper, 1961

Galeazzo Mondella About 1475-1529

Hecules and Antaeus (PLAQUETTE)

Bronze, 1488-9

Giuseppe Bonito 1707-89

Portrait of a Man Smoking a Pipe

Oil on canvas, About 1730


Ritual Wine Vessel and cover, you

Bronze - Middle Western Zhou Dynasty, About 1050-771 BC


Ritual wine vessel, hu

Bronze, Late Western Zhou dynasty, c.850-771 BC

Pietro Fabris

The Bay of Naples from Posillipo

Oil on canvas, About 1770


Windsor Castle

Oil on canvas, About 1800-1900