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The Clearing

Tue - Sun & bank holidays, 10.30am – 5pm

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The Clearing is a collaborative artwork by Alex Hartley and Tom James, which sets out to build a vision of the future in the grounds of Compton Verney Art Gallery & Park.

Centred around a geodesic dome on the shores of the lake which the artists have built, visitors can learn how to live in the world affected by the social and climate change that’s coming our way. So far, 14 caretakers (and one baby) have occupied the dome, whilst a series of sold-out workshops have taught people how to build fires, dig toilets and forage for food!
Come and join us for the next installment of workshops, experience what the future might feel like, and watch as The Clearing evolves.

  Take part in The Clearing workshops

Sun 5 November, 11am – 6pm
Will life after the crash be nasty, brutal and short? This special, extended workshop will bring together a number of rapid fire workshops, from feminism in the future to community self-defence, to teach you how to rebuild and defend democracy. We’ll end with a bonfire, to celebrate the continued survival of British democracy, and burn some home-made Guys.

Sat 25 November, 2pm – 7pm
This workshop is an attempt to introduce the rest of the universe to The Clearing. We’ll learn how to navigate from the night sky, how to identify the constellations, and how telescopes work. And we’ll wonder aloud about whether we’ll get there.

Sat 2 December, 11am – 4pm
Whenever you think about climate change, you very quickly get to some fundamental questions. What is our role, here on Earth? How should we live? Should we live in harmony with the planet, like happy dolphins? Or should we be out there in space, mining asteroids like Bruce Willis, seeking out strange new worlds, and building Tescos and motorways and Costa coffees on them, too? This final workshop aims to provide a bit of space to talk about these questions.

We’ll be joined by some special guests including representatives from Birmingham’s You Only Die Once collective, who’ll also give us some guidance on the practicalities of our departure, now and in the world to come.