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The Clearing

Until 17 December 2017, 10.30am – 5pm

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The Clearing is a collaborative artwork by Alex Hartley and Tom James, which sets out to build a vision of the future in the grounds of Compton Verney Art Gallery & Park.

Centred around a geodesic dome on the shores of the lake which the artists have built, visitors can learn how to live in the world affected by the social and climate change that’s coming our way. So far, 14 caretakers (and one baby) have occupied the dome, whilst a series of sold-out workshops have taught people how to build fires, dig toilets and forage for food!
Come and join us for the next installment of workshops, experience what the future might feel like, and watch as The Clearing evolves.

  Take part in The Clearing workshops

Sat 22 July, 11am – 4pm
Will modern medicine survive peak oil and rising tides? Explore how to make basic remedies from medicinal plants in the vicinity of The Clearing with Rasheeqa Ahmed and Sara Ghanchi from Herbalists Without Borders.

Sat 12 August, 11am – 4pm
The oldest alcoholic drink known to man, Mead is made from fermented honey and water. Led by artist Dale Hipkiss, and using honey from Comton Verney’s own beehives, learn how to make your own brew.

Sat 26 August, 11am – 4pm
Discover the basics of printing and the ancient practice of making ink from oak galls with the London Centre for Book Arts. Please note that paper is not provided, please bring as much scrap A4 paper as possible from your workplaces and home.

Sat 23 September, 11am – 4pm
Just because we’re running out of fossil fuels, doesn’t mean we have to go completely off-line. This workshop, by renewable energy experts V3 Power, will teach you how to construct a hand-built wind turbine to harness a natural resource that won’t run out.