Landscape & Garden Update – 17.02.17

Open Tomorrow! I couldn’t let the weekend pass without a quick post to let you know that the park at Compton Verney will be open from tomorrow – Saturday 18th February. The weather is looking settled for the weekend ahead, the welcome centre will be open, and the landscape is inspiring in its winter form. What better opportunity is there to get out and soak up a great British landscape!


The ‘Capability’ Brown Landscape at Compton Verney

It would be remiss of me to let another day pass without a word or two about the results achieved at Compton Verney by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. It was Brown’s ‘Place Making’ efforts, in the pursuit of fashion which put the garden on the same page as many other notable landscape gardens in the eighteenth century – a fact that remains as relevant today as then. Invited along, (and paid for!) by the prominent 14th Baron Willoughby de Broke, John Peyto-Verney in 1768, Brown’s work followed that of Robert Adam who had spent the previous eight years updating the house. With a flick of the quill away went the previously fashionable formal garden to be replaced with a new, naturalistic style landscape with trees, serpentine lake plan and rolling acres of grass for farming and leisure pursuits. Teams of labourers and garden staff spent several years transforming the gardens and landscape to Brown’s new design, whilst master tradesmen set to work on a few very notable garden additions. The whole site would have been a hive of activity as the gravel walks, canal and parterres of the previous garden were gradually replaced by smooth lawns connecting the house with the […]


Sarah Rutherford: Discovering ‘Capability’ Brown

We caught up with Dr. Sarah Rutherford, author of The World of Capability Brown, as she prepares to give a fascinating talk on ‘Discovering Brown’ on 19 May at Compton Verney.


Landscape & Garden Update 28.1.16

It’s high time for an update from the grounds team at Compton Verney where so much is happening it’s almost too difficult to keep track! We’re into that time of heavenly sunsets and beautiful frosty mornings, which of course brings ample opportunity for topping up the photo album.