Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsorship opportunities

Helping you to meet your promotional and CSR objectives

Our 75,000 visitors are your potential customers and clients

Out of our annual visitors, 50% are from within a 45-minute drive time across the region, with 80% living less than 2 hours’ drive away.

We can help you to focus your marketing on key segments of our visitor audience, based upon attendees at specific exhibitions, events and programmes. Each of our three key annual exhibitions attracts around 20,000 visitors, approximately 5,000 school pupils and students visit each year and more than 5,000 family members participate in our learning activities annually.

With a wide range of exciting and engaging exhibitions, events and activities for all levels of marketing and sponsorship budgets and numerous ways in which your support can be acknowledged we look forward to discussing these or tailored opportunities with you soon.
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Supporting the arts

Contributes to our Resource Room art materials for free family learning activities for the duration of one exhibition (average 3-4 month period)

Sponsors our Private View evening for 200-250 invitees for the opening of a new visiting exhibition

Enables us to provide an interactive workshop for visitors at one of our bi-annual Museums at Night events

Provides resources and staff for our free summer Artspace family learning activities enjoyed annually by over 5,000 visitors (available for our summer 2017 exhibition).

£8,000 + VAT
Sponsorship of an exhibition at this level entitles you to be the Exhibition Patron

£15,000 + VAT
Principal sponsorship of a visiting exhibition of your choice

£25,000 + VAT
Entitles you to be the exclusive sponsor of a visiting exhibition of your choice

Supporting the local community

£250 – £300
Enables your local school or a community group (eg for the disabled or elderly) to hire return transport to visit Compton Verney (NB: hire costs will vary depending on distance travelled)

Contributes towards the running costs of our shuttle bus for 3 months, providing essential transport for visitors between our car park and house

Sponsors an activity, workshop or selected refreshments at one of our hugely popular family events:

Park Life! Georgian Weekend – Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June

Regency Ball – evening of Saturday 25 June

Compton Verney Festival – Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July

1950s Vintage Festival – Saturday 6 August

Contributes to the funding of resources, staff and refreshments at our new Dementia Café

Allows exclusive sponsorship of our new Dementia Café programme for 6 months

Enables us to offer a programme of outreach visits and workshops to Key Stage 3 students at a rural or urban secondary school in the region.

Entitles your organisation to exclusive 12-month sponsorship of our new Dementia Café, being run in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Society and allows us to provide this important service free of charge to people with dementia and their carers

Supporting the environment

Sponsors one of our beehives for a year and helps to preserve this important, endangered species

Provides the opportunity for your organisation to have a named plaque on the boardwalk for our exciting and educational new dipping pond

Purchases 50 children’s utility belts, bug pots, hand trowels and tape measures for participants at our award-winning Forest School to use