About Compton Verney

Who we are

Compton Verney is an independent national art gallery and ‘Capability’ Brown landscape located nine miles from Stratford-upon-Avon. We are a registered charity (no. 1032478), established in 1993 with the aim of providing an inspiring and entertaining cultural day out for visitors of all ages and backgrounds – whether they have come to see our highly-acclaimed art exhibitions, to take part in our wide-ranging activities, or to enjoy the diverse features of our extensive historic landscaped park.

Our history

Compton Verney House Trust is indebted to the vision and generosity of the Peter Moores Foundation (1964-2014), which rescued the site in 1993 and not only funded the conversion of the derelict Georgian mansion into an art gallery, together with addition of a large modern exhibition and service wing, but also generously supported the gallery’s activities during its crucial early development. Without the Foundation and its visionary creator, Sir Peter Moores, Compton Verney would today be merely a picturesque ruin. We are enormously grateful to the munificence of the Foundation, whose unstinting liberality constitutes one of the most outstanding philanthropic acts of the late twentieth century.

Connected organisations

Compton Verney House Trust (CVHT) co-operates with three related charities and two related companies in order to achieve its objectives. The three charities are the Compton Verney Collection Settlement (CVCS), the Compton Verney Fund (CVF) and the Peter Moores Foundation (PMF), all founded by Sir Peter Moores.

What Compton Verney is

  • a unique cultural attraction that is inclusive and relaxed yet, at the same time, innovative and bold;
  • a must-see, engaging, family-friendly destination
  • ‘the national gallery on your doorstep’ – a nationally-accredited and internationally-recognised art gallery which stages some of the most important art exhibitions in the area, connecting our region to the world and works closely with the UK’s large, state-funded national museums and galleries;
  • one of the most distinctive and user-friendly hire venues in the region
  • an exemplar for environmental sustainability.

Compton Verney’s mission statement

Compton Verney exists to share our passion for art with as many people as possible to help them gain something of intellectual and spiritual value from their encounter with Compton Verney.

Core values

Our working relationships are defined by three core values which act as our guiding principles:

Creativity To challenge accepted norms and to find imaginative solutions that take Compton Verney forward
Professionalism To achieve the highest professional standards in our work, and to behave with respect and courtesy for others
Trust To work in ways which empower and support our colleagues 

Compton Verney’s vision

Excellence to present a high quality experience in a regional context
Celebrate our uniqueness by bringing together historic and modern art, architecture and landscape
Inspire and engage by entertaining, surprising, informing and challenging through all that we do
Inclusive by offering an approach to art that is jargon free, gentle paced and refreshingly relaxed