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Periodic Tales: The Art of the Elements

Exhibition - 3 Oct 2015 to 13 Dec 2015
  The iconic periodic table represents the ultimate expression of order, containing the volatile...

All that Glisters: Chemical elements in culture

Lecture - 4 Dec 2015
Hugh Aldersey-Williams, co-curator of Periodic Tales talks about the ideas behind his book and the...

Winter Weekends

Event - 5 Dec 2015, 6 Dec 15, 12 Dec 15, 13 Dec 15
Come and join us in a joyous four-day event for everyone with music, storytelling and festive craft...

Periodic Tales:
The Art of the Elements

See scientists, the artists in the show and Hugh Aldersley–Williams, co–curator of Periodic Tales, explore how the elements are shown within the exhibition in this video.

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